Ticket Refund Guarantee FAQ

What is the Ticket Refund Guarantee?

If you choose to add the ticket refund guarantee to your ticket purchase, you will receive a 100% refund if you cannot make the event for the reasons stipulated below.

Please note: This is different to Event Cancellation.


How is it different to Event Cancellation?

Event cancellation is when the event organiser needs to cancel the event. Refunds under this type of cancellation may or may not be covered by an insurance policy the event organiser has taken out.

Ticket Refund Guarantee is when the event is still happening, but you are not able to attend anymore. The guarantee is only valid if the reason you cannot attend is covered under the sections listed below.


How much does it cost?

10% of the ticket cost added as a separate line item to your basket.


Can I request a refund if I didn’t add the guarantee to my basket?

No. Unless it is covered under Refund Policy in our Terms & Conditions.


Does Easyreg process the refund?

No. Easyreg provides this option to our customers but it is administered by SureStart Online Financial Services FSP. 47233.

A SureStart agent is available to assist regarding this guarantee on: 087 550 6726


How do I request a refund on my ticket?

1.     Download and complete the Refund Request Form.

2.     Collect the supporting documents listed below for the category you are claiming under.

3.     Send the completed claim form with the supporting documents to: ticketrefunds@surestart.co.za

4.     Should you need to speak to someone, a SureStart agent is available on 087 550 6726.

5.     A valid refund is typically approved within 4 working days and paid into your bank account within 2 working days.


What reasons am I covered for with the Ticket Refund Guarantee and what do I need to submit?

1)     Incapacity of the Ticket Holder(s) through their own Death, Accidental Bodily Injury or illness first commencing post booking and prior to the Ticketed Event.


-        Accident report / Case Number / Hospital Report / Doctors Note.

-        Death Certificate.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


2)     Adverse Weather preventing attendance at the Venue which entirely prevents the Ticket Holder from attending the Ticketed Event but does not result in the Ticketed Event being Cancelled, Abandoned, Postponed, Curtailed or Relocated.


-        Time stamped photographic proof of adverse weather conditions preventing attendance OR official news report or advice of weather conditions prohibiting attendance of the event.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


3)     Travel Delay due to either the mechanical failure of, or accidental damage to the transport in which the Ticket Holder(s) is travelling to the Ticketed Event and/or collecting their tickets from either the Venue or a designated collection point.


-        Mechanic’s report / invoice.

-        Photographic evidence in the event of flat tyre or other minor damage preventing transport but not requiring a mechanic.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.



4)     Death of a member of the Ticket Holder’s Immediate Family which occurs within 30 days prior to the Ticketed Event.


-        Death Certificate of the deceased.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


5)     The unavoidable requirement for the Ticket Holder(s) to remain at Home due to serious damage to the Ticket Holder(s) Home or Place of Business caused by fire, aircraft, explosion, Terrorism Act, Civil Unrest, storm, flood, subsidence, earthquake, falling trees, burst pipes, lightning, malicious persons or theft.


-        Photographic Evidence of Home or Place of Business OR Insurance claim proving the Ticket Holder(s) home or business was damaged.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


Note: Civil unrest or accidents that cause road blockages are not covered under this policy. Neither are unexpected traffic delays.



6)     The Ticket Holder(s) being summoned to appear at Court Proceedings or as a witness where the witness summons was first received by the Ticket Holder(s) after the date of Booking.


-        Official Summons letter.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.



7)     Work Relocation by the Ticket Holder’s employer or being posted overseas unexpectedly after the date of Booking.


-        Official notice by the Ticket Holder’s company.

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


8)     The Ticket Holder(s) inability to attend a Ticketed Event which is Postponed after the date the insured Booking was made due solely to a Prior Engagement of the Ticket Holder(s), provided such Prior Engagement was existing prior to the date of the first announcement of the Postponement.


-        Proof of event invite (Wedding Invite, Whatsapp conversation screenshot showing date message was sent, screenshot of Facebook event Invite).

-        Stamped proof of bank account not older than 3months.


Can I sell my ticket and request a refund?

No. As soon as a refund is logged against a ticket, the ticket becomes unusable at the event to prevent fraud.


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